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Case Study

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Abuse management,
False declines,
Fraud management,
Order automation




Guaranteed Fraud Protection



About the retailer

This leading footwear retailer is the destination for fabulous shoes at a great value every single day. Allowing their customers to fully indulge in their passion for shoes, the footwear retailer leader partners with Signifyd to reduce false declines while automating fraud management across its markets.


This footwear leader is continuously looking for ways to enhance its customer experience. In order to battle fraud and continue to innovate in the industry, the footwear retailer knew it needed to eliminate manual review, streamline BOPIS orders and reduce false declines.


The footwear retailer chose Signifyd due to its expansive network, the liability shift provided by Guaranteed Fraud Protection and the customizable policies within Decision Center. Partnering with Signifyd would allow them to streamline fraud review, reduce false declines and optimize CX.


Since partnering with Signifyd, this top footwear retailer fulfills 100% of orders automatically based on Signifyd’s instant decisions while paying $0 in fraud losses. No longer in the weeds of manual review, their fraud management team can proactively address fraud and abuse patterns.

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