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Take charge of your chargebacks

Scale your revenue recovery strategy with fully automated representment and reclaim sales lost to chargeback fraud.


Take charge of your chargebacks

Scale your revenue recovery strategy with fully automated representment and reclaim sales lost to chargeback fraud.

Undisputed chargeback fraud is money left on the table for merchants

Yet fighting chargeback fraud is not so simple. Unlike criminal fraud that occurs with stolen card information at checkout, chargeback fraud is the result of a legitimate transaction that is contested by the true cardholder after the fact.

Identifying chargeback fraud requires an ability to interpret consumer behavior and recognise when ulterior motives are at play. Manually disputing claims demands time-intensive work, extensive resources and the right data. And the risk of getting it wrong – accusing an honest shopper of foul play – is enough to keep merchants from fighting friendly fraud altogether.

Know who to trust – and who to challenge – with Chargeback Recovery

Automate representment

Evidence is compiled and documentation is filed – without your team lifting a finger.

Win more disputes

Zero abusive claims go unchallenged. Merchants see a 50% increase in win rates on average.

Lower your chargeback rate

Reversal of illegitimate claims improves your fraud reputation with issuers for higher auth rates over time.

Monitor & optimise

Insights into chargeback trends and recovery performance keep you in charge of your chargebacks.

Trusted by the world’s leading brands

“Signifyd takes care of all the disputing and completes all of the documentation every time there is a chargeback. We easily win over 50% of those cases and it’s all being done without any time and effort on my staff’s part.”

— David Cost
, VP of Ecommerce & Marketing

How it works

Integrate with your existing tech stack

Send order, fulfillment and chargeback data in real-time using pre-built Signifyd plugins or connect directly via API.

With all transaction data accounted for, Signifyd’s machine learning model analyses existing documentations, processes and more – ensuring merchant-specific policies are accounted for when evaluating claims.

Top ecommerce platforms and PSPs partner with Signifyd to ensure seamless integrations.

Strengthen dispute claims with intent intelligence

Signifyd cross-references incoming chargebacks with the Signifyd Commerce Network to identify shoppers with a history of chargeback fraud. Historical and intent data is packaged alongside evidence gathered from the order, fulfillment and chargeback data, proving that the order was successfully delivered to automatically build the strongest case possible.

Leveraging network insights and machine learning to identify fraudulent and abusive patterns.

Detect the lies and trust
the good guys

Abusive chargebacks are challenged automatically while legitimate claims are recognised and honored. Evidence documentation is customised by chargeback type to optimise for the highest chance of acceptance.

Track win rates as they rise by over 50%

Chargeback Recovery Insights provide a clear picture of case status and win rates over time, so chargeback recovery performance and return on investment is always clear.

More than a decade of chargeback data

In the game of Chargeback Recovery, depth and breadth of data is everything. With a decade-long tenure in chargeback protection and the largest global merchant network in the industry, Signifyd is at a distinct advantage to win more chargebacks and recover more revenue for its merchants.