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Influence bank auth rates with enhanced data

Empower issuers with the data they need to reduce false declines and approve more of your good orders.


Influence bank auth rates with enhanced data

Empower issuers with the data they need to reduce false declines and approve more of your good orders

In today’s payment journey, merchants
and issuers make fraud decisions in silos

This data fragmentation creates inefficiencies in the fraud screening process and increases the occurrence of false declines by banks. Without the ability to share findings from their own internal fraud screening, merchants have little influence over the fate of their transaction past the point of checkout. Instead, issuers make decisions with limited information, blind to the data that can prove a shopper is who they say they are.

Eliminate fraud

Ensure only the cleanest traffic reaches the banks for authorization.

Optimize auth rates

Give issuers the confidence to increase auth rates by as much as 3%.

Reduce false declines

Pay less in processing costs for transactions that ultimately fail authorization.

Increase customer lifetime value

Transform new shoppers into repeat customers with a seamless checkout experience that converts.

Trusted by the world’s leading brands

“I’ve seen a bunch of orders go through that previously we would have seen falsely declined. They were approved through Signifyd — 100% legitimate business that we would have walked away from.”

— Scott Perry
, Senior VP of Digital IT and Omnichannel

How it works

Send only the cleanest traffic to issuers

Prior to authorization, Signifyd performs risk analysis to filter out fraudulent orders from the traffic sent to issuing banks – backing approved orders with a 100% financial guarantee.

Provide better context on orders with enhanced data

Via direct connection between Signifyd’s enhanced data API and our partner issuers’, approved orders are sent to the issuing bank enriched with additional data points including order score, order decision, IP address, device ID, email address, geo‑location, gift card indicator, phone number, shipping name and address, and more.

Align fraud decisioning across the payment journey

This enhanced dataset gives issuers visibility into the pre-authorization fraud screening process and allows them to more easily identify and streamline legitimate transactions through authorization.

Signifyd merchants increase authorization rates by as much as

by joining forces with the world’s leading issuers

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