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Signifyd ranks #1 in payment security & fraud prevention for the third year in a row. Download the report

Fearless Conversions

Commerce Protection Platform

Discover Signifyd’s AI powered commerce protection platform. Built for revenue optimisation and risk prevention across the entire shopper journey.


Built with conversion optimisation at its core, the Commerce Protection Platform unlocks revenue and turns losses into opportunities


User Interface

Three core supporting modules provide transparency and control across the platform — Agent Console, Decision Center and Insights Reporting.


Tap into the Signifyd Commerce Network

The Signifyd Commerce Network unites identity and intent intelligence data from thousands of global ecommerce retailers and issuing banks to enhance authorisation rates by instantly recognising and streamlining good orders through the buyer journey.


Global transactions identified by one or more predictive variables

  • 80% Email coverage
  • 80% IP coverage
  • 75% Phone coverage
  • 77% Address coverage
  • 70% Device ID coverage

Other datapoints include:

  • Behavioural data
  • Proxy detection
  • Social graph
  • Purchasing history
  • Issuing bank data
  • Cross merchant deny list
  • Transactional velocity
  • Search engines
  • Public records

Key benefits

Improve customer lifetime value

Achieve higher conversion uplift and protect losses from unwanted abuse that extends the customer lifetime value and protects brand loyalty.

Turn bottom line losses into opportunities

Take control of pre and post checkout abuse as fraud shifts gears away from the checkout.

Unlock revenue and optimise conversions

Confidently improve top line revenue and approve 5‑9% more orders by reducing false declines and optimising revenue under regional market regulations.

Trusted by the world’s leading brands

“I absolutely would recommend Signifyd because it really helps to create trust in the business, not only from a consumer perspective but also for the business internally. It’s a reliable source where you no longer need to be concerned about chargebacks, issues on the checkout and payment refusals.”

— Ivonne Miranda
, Consumer Experience Engagement and Care Lead


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