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Signifyd ranks #1 in payment security & fraud prevention for the third year in a row. Download the report


Trust customers, grow fearlessly

Eliminate fraud losses and put customer experience
first with guaranteed protection against fraud.


Trust customers, grow fearlessly

Eliminate fraud losses and put customer experience first with guaranteed protection against fraud.

While fraud chargebacks cost merchants as much as $10 billion annually,1 fear of fraud costs merchants $443 billion in false declines2

When merchants are liable for the cost of fraud, they must weigh the profit of every sale against the potential for it to result in a fraudulent chargeback. This creates a fear of fraud that causes merchants to turn away over 10% of orders, when fraud accounts for just 1% of transactions.3

The result? Unhappy customers, 38% of whom will cease shopping at the offending brand for good.

Free your business from the fear of fraud with Guaranteed Fraud Protection

Shift fraud liability 100%

Signifyd has your back. Never pay another fraudulent chargeback again.

Lower your chargeback rate

Suspicious activity at your storefront is cross-referenced against fraud seen across the network, so that fraud attempts are blocked and your chargeback rate is reduced.

Reduce false declines

Confidently approve 5-9% more orders that otherwise would have been falsely declined due to fear of fraud.

Grow customer lifetime value

Entrust legitimate customers with a friction-free shopping experience that brings them back for more.

Trusted by the world’s leading brands

“Overall the benefit from Signifyd has been a multimillion dollar uplift in revenue annually. That doesn’t even begin to capture the additional revenue we will gain from customers that had a great experience that are going to come back and shop more with us.”


How it works

Integrate protection within
your existing order flow

Leverage ready-made plugins for common ecommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and BigCommerce to seamlessly layer Guaranteed Fraud Protection into your current order flow. For custom storefronts, simply integrate via direct API.

Configure approval decisioning
to your unique risk appetite

Signifyd partners with you to determine target chargeback and approval rates in order to push conversions to the max and drive continuous decision optimization over time.

Receive instant decisions with zero risk

Signifyd contextualizes incoming orders with identity and intent intelligence from the Signifyd Commerce Network to accurately deliver accept or reject decisions in real-time. Any fraudulent chargeback resulting from a guaranteed order is reimbursed within 48 hours, including shipping and other fees.

Remove manual checkpoints
and automate order fulfillment

With a financial guarantee backing every approved order, there’s nothing stopping you from automating order processing and fulfillment for legitimate customers and relieving your team from the time-consuming task of manual review.

Order decisions that aren’t made in the dark

Dive deep into order decisions with Agent Console

  • Understand the “why” behind each order decision with insight into the variables informing Signifyd’s decision engine
  • Investigate order connections using Power Search to discover patterns of fraud & abuse

Analyze business-level performance with Insights Reporting

  • Monitor key metrics such as approval rates, chargeback rates, chargeback reasons, decision time and more
  • Track performance across segments such as geographies, product lines or payment methods


1 Merchant Fraud Journal
2 Aite Group
3 Signifyd Internal Data