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Signifyd ranks #1 in payment security & fraud prevention for the third year in a row. Download the report

Fearless Conversions

Commerce Protection Platform

One platform to protect the online
customer experience from end‑to‑end.


From login to checkout to fulfillment to returns, the Commerce Protection Platform addresses fraud challenges at key conversion points across the ecommerce shopper journey.


User Interface

Three merchant-facing modules provide transparency into decisions and ultimate control over protection — Agent Console, Decision Center and Insights Reporting.


Join forces with the world’s leading brands

The Signifyd Commerce Network unites identity and intent intelligence data from thousands of global ecommerce retailers to proactively block emerging fraud trends while instantly recognizing and streamlining legitimate customers through the path to purchase.


Global transactions identified by one or more predictive variables

  • 80% Email coverage
  • 80% IP coverage
  • 75% Phone coverage
  • 77% Address coverage
  • 75% Device ID coverage

Other datapoints include:

  • Behavioural data
  • Proxy detection
  • Social graph
  • Purchasing history
  • Issuing bank data
  • Cross merchant deny list
  • Transactional velocity
  • Search engines
  • Public records

Accelerate time-to-value with our seamless platform integrations

The Commerce Protection Platform includes pre-built integrations with leading ecommerce platforms including:

Adobe Commerce

And a direct API for custom storefronts

Shopper journey protection that drives greater conversions while reducing risk

Protect revenue

Shopper knowledge is power. Signifyd helps merchants approve 5-9% more orders on average.

Trust customers

Harness our global Commerce Network to create seamless customer experiences while eliminating fraud and abuse.

Grow fearlessly

Signifyd’s 100% financial guarantee against fraud and abuse gives you the confidence to automate payments at scale.

“Signifyd helped us not only survive, but thrive during a challenging peak period without any issues. And during non‑peak times, Signifyd is a consistent partner willing to take on as much work as is required to support operations. Their analysis and feedback has led to several critical changes to the way our team operates, and for that we are grateful.”

— John Fasline, Manager, Digitization and Automation, Abercrombie & Fitch

— John Fasline
Manager, Digitization and Automation
Abercrombie & Fitch

“Because of our high AOV, we were being extremely conservative and our fraud controls were so oppressive that many of our legitimate customers were being wrongly denied. With Signifyd’s Guaranteed Fraud Protection, we have been able to open up our sales funnel – increasing approval rates and preserving customer experience all the way through checkout.”

— Carlo Savino, VP Americas Ecommerce, Lenovo

— Carlo Savino
VP Americas Ecommerce

“The most important thing is not the data the customer leaves, but their history of shopping behavior across merchants – and Signifyd proved to be one of the only tools that could truly capture this.”

— Carlos Madrona, Managing Payments Method and Fraud Director, Mango

— Carlos Madrona
Managing Payments Method and Fraud Director

“Signifyd has a very smart technology that can detect fraud accurately. Besides the technology, the team at Signifyd is super engaged all the time and is always looking for ways to improve and help your business. As a customer, we get access to their rich dashboard which can be used to look into specific cases as well as overall trends. Bottom line – great technology, great people, super transparent.”

— Senthil Nallasamy, eCommerce Head of Products, Samsung

— Senthil Nallasamy
eCommerce Head of Products

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Signifyd is the #1 choice
for enterprise ecommerce retailers

For the third year in a row, Signifyd is the number one ecommerce protection platform in the Digital Commerce 360 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 Retailers report.

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