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Signifyd Vendor Ethics Policy

Last updated: April 27, 2021


Signifyd believes in the free flow of safe commerce, as operated by Vendors, individuals and merchants, with respect for cultural and legal differences between countries and cultures.

Signifyd is committed to conducting business within the highest standards of honesty, fairness, integrity, and in compliance with all applicable laws. Signifyd expects all of its Vendors to share our principles and uphold these standards.

Signifyd works with Vendors who act with integrity and demonstrate a commitment to safe, legal, ethical, fair and environmentally responsible business practices. Our policy requires that all Vendors be open, transparent and cooperative as they follow the guidelines below.

Vendor Ethics Policy

Signifyd expects its Vendors to share our principles and uphold our standards related to the following areas of focus:

Human Rights: the ethical treatment of people, health and safety, with zero tolerance for child labor/exploitation, modern slavery, forced labor or human trafficking.

Workplace Labor Practices: fair wages, benefits, working hours, overtime, time off and breaks for workers, abides by Modern Slavery Policy if applicable in that jurisdiction, and related laws.

Ethical and Legal Business Practices: transparency, disclosure, and compliance with local laws and regulations, workable management systems and governance, no tolerance for corruption and bribery.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability: responsible sourcing and sustainability if applicable.

Inclusion and Equity: no discrimination, harassment or abuse of employees, with a focus on inclusion and diversity.

Data Protection Compliance: data collection, maintenance, storage and privacy standards that follow all applicable regulations and protections.

Signifyd expects all employees, customers, partners, suppliers and stakeholders to promptly inform Signifyd about any conduct or circumstances that they believe may violate the Vendor Ethics Policy. In the event that Signifyd may believe that Vendor is not in compliance with any portion of this Policy, Vendor shall provide evidence of compliance as requested by Signifyd. If Vendor is found to be in violation of this Policy, Vendor shall remedy any such violation in a timely manner.

The contents of this Policy are additional to and do not in any way affect any of Signifyd’s rights and remedies under any relevant agreement with Vendor. In the event of any conflict with any provisions of this Policy, the provisions of any relevant agreement shall prevail.