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Approve more good orders fearlessly

Stop making fear-based decisions.
Start making 5-7% more revenue.

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Approve more good orders fearlessly

Stop making fear-based decisions.
Start making 5-7% more revenue.

More revenue is lost to fear of fraud than fraud itself

While Card Not Present (CNP) fraud pressure across industries and verticals sits at ∼1%, limited data and the liability
of fraudulent chargebacks cause online retailers to turn away as much as 10% of orders.

Reclaim your revenue with Signifyd Fraud Protection

Signifyd’s fraud protection solution leverages machine learning models to contextualize identity and intent insights from the Commerce Network with merchant- and vertical-specific data – delivering automated order decisions with unparalleled accuracy.

Commerce Protection Platform

Signifyd Platform

Industry-leading model performance

Backed by the world’s largest network of merchants, Signifyd’s decisioning models consistently outperform the competitions.

Automation that doesn’t leave you in the dark

Signifyd’s Agent Console and Insights Reporting give merchants the micro and macro data they need to stay attuned to their business performance.

Seamless implementation & time‑to‑value

Our world-class customer success team, flexible technology and extensive library of pre-built integrations power the easiest implementation on the market.

Gain the confidence to automate orders and maximize approvals

Automated Recommendations

Orders are decisioned in real-time by Signifyd, allowing you to automate fulfillment for legitimate customers while proactively blocking fraudsters.

Guaranteed Fraud Protection

Pair order automation with a financial guarantee against fraudulent chargebacks on all approved orders so you can optimize for revenue attainment and pay $0 in fraud losses – guaranteed.