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Hot Topic

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About Hot Topic

A mall staple since the ‘90s, Hot Topic’s strategic investment in emerging technologies has positioned them as the leader in online entertainment and music merchandising. Signifyd has played a significant role in this digital transformation, ensuring Hot Topic’s customers can checkout quickly and receive orders fast.

“Overall the benefit from Signifyd has been a multimillion dollar uplift in revenue annually. That doesn’t even begin to capture the additional revenue we will gain from customers that had a great experience that are going to come back and shop more with us.”

Steve Vrane
, Hot Topic


When delays in order fulfillment and increasing rates of false declines began to jeopardize customer experience, Hot Topic knew it was time to ditch their manual review process and invest in a more intelligent commerce protection solution.


Hot Topic selected Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform to improve order decisioning and decrease false declines with insights from the Commerce Network, while automating orders backed by a 100% financial guarantee.


By implementing Signifyd’s Guaranteed Fraud Protection, Hot Topic has increased approval rates by over 99% while automating 100% of orders. The result is a multimillion dollar ROI in found revenue and the additional dividends of greater capture of CLTV.

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